Oh No!

“What?!” I said. The calendar was covered in this sticky, white goo or something. I got really scared. What was this goo? My mum loved this calendar, she will get super mad at me when she gets home. So I put it in the washing machine. I waited and waited some more. Then BING! Went the  washing machine. I took the calendar and it was MINUSCULE! “ OH NO!” I panicked. “Mum is going to kill me!” I said to myself. I look at the clock, mum will be home in seconds. I hear mums car pull into the driveway.

2 thoughts on “Oh No!”

    1. Yes Tash,

      Well done, you are amazing!! You have shown a greater focus in eliminating errors in your writing as the term has progressed and you should be very proud of your effort. I am enjoying reading your stories Tash, keep up the great work.

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