“Mum ,wake up!”I yell, “what!?”mum asked half asleep, “fire!” I scream. Mum jump out of bed and grabs her phone. “Hurry!” I yell while tries fall down my face. We sprinted out the door. Mum calls  000. Our hole house is on fire. What caused it you may ask? Well I got really hungry so I when to get a cookie but we didn’t have any so I made some, but I set the oven on fire, I really didn’t mean too. Now the fireman are here, then the police show up, then the ambulance. Should I tell mum I did it?

One thought on “Fire”

  1. How intense!! This is a brilliant story and it kept me on my toes for sure. If we were to look deep enough, I suppose the inside of a hot oven with burnt-black cookies could be compared to the current state of our ever heating world. I won’t tell mum if you won’t. Great work, I cannot wait to hear more from you.

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