The Birthday

Today it was my best friends, Ellie’s birthday party.I walk to her back yard where her party was, and it was phenomenal ,it was so cool, it had a dessert bar with cheese cake and sprinkles and every single ice cream flavour you could think of, there was also burgers and hot chips, they had 5 different flavour’s of soda. There where was hundreds of balloons , it was so cool. I got my Ellie some chocolates and colouring pens, then I gave Ellies her present, she loved it. Then her dog ran and the balloons and POP! went all the balloons.

The Yellow Car

“Im bored”Jade said. Jade was bored, she had nothing to do, Jades parents were to busy to play with her. “ Mum,I’m bored” said Jade, her mum looked at her and said “I am to busy to play with you, maybe count cars, I will play with you after lunch”.Jade walked out of the room. Jades family lives in the city, theres lots of cars there. Jade looked out her window and started to look at the car, there were black one, white one, red one and even yellow ones. Jade never sees yellow cars. “ look mum a yellow car!”


“Yes!!”yelled Sam, Sam was a normal boy who liked video games. Sams favourite game was Space-Rae,Space-Rae was a game where you have to kill space monsters.Sam was pro at Space-Rae. Then one day Sam was playing Space- Rae then he got suck in the game! Sam saw in the game, with his friends,James and Charlie, but none of them could speak. Then a bunch of armour spawned. They were all confused. Then a monster sporned and Sam and his friends had to kill it. But now they can speak. But they didn’t know. They couldn’t kill it. “ next time I will win” said Sam