The Thud

Today my cousin came over. But the thing is, I haven’t seen her for years. “Do you want to do something?” I asked. “Can we go somewhere creepy?” She asked. “Sure!” I say. I thort she was going to go to an escape room or something, but I was wrong, instead of fake scary we went to an old run down movie theatre. “ what is this place?” I asked ,shaking in fear. “It’s my favourite place to go when I’m bored”my cousin said. We wonder for a while. Then we heard a thud. We look at each other and sprint out of there.

One thought on “The Thud”

  1. Excellent suspense in your story, Tash. As I read it, I was getting more worried about what was going to happen next. I would have left quickly if I had heard a thud like that. I like the way your characters talk to each other. It makes the story move along quickly and feel very realistic.

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