The Yellow Car

“Im bored”Jade said. Jade was bored, she had nothing to do, Jades parents were to busy to play with her. “ Mum,I’m bored” said Jade, her mum looked at her and said “I am to busy to play with you, maybe count cars, I will play with you after lunch”.Jade walked out of the room. Jades family lives in the city, theres lots of cars there. Jade looked out her window and started to look at the car, there were black one, white one, red one and even yellow ones. Jade never sees yellow cars. “ look mum a yellow car!”

2 thoughts on “The Yellow Car”

  1. Hello Tash,

    Feeling bored can be something many of us can feel. For Jade, it meant looking at the passing cars. I remember many road trips when I was a child and one game when bored was to spot certain coloured or types of car. For Jade, the surprise was seeing a yellow car.

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  2. Hi Tash,
    Good work this week. I like the way you incorporated the prompt. Your story was interesting and very enjoyable to read.

    Counting different coloured cars was a game I used to play when on long journeys, and so your piece brought back some memories!

    Keep up the good work, Anna (Team 100WC, Edinburgh)

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